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Put the fun and excitment back into learning!

Try adding a bit of competition to your curriculum to spice things up. I've found that Homeschool Academic Contests were the perfect way to get my homeschoolers excited about learning again! My homeschoolers got really determined to win and now we have three trophies at our homeschool group meeting room to motivate us.

The Academic Leagues, provide a series of math, science, and social studies competitions for homeschooled students.

  • The math competitions are open to students in second through twelfth grades.

  • the science and social studies competitions are open to students in third through eighth grades.

By signing your child up for one or more of these competitions, you will receive three actual contests that your homeschooler will take throughout the school year (in November, January, and March). In this way, your child can compete against tens of thousands of students from the United States and Canada without ever leaving the comfort of your home. We found it a fun and different way to hit the books.

Your Child Becomes Famous!

After each contest, your homeschooler’s name (first name and last initial only) and score can be instantly entered onto a portion of the contest website (to see a sample page of results from the 2005-2006 math competition,
click here), allowing you to immediately see how your child’s score stacks up against international competition. There is no minimum score required for a result to be posted on the website, either – every participant can have the thrill of being famous!

Worried about privacy? No problem. You can choose not to enter any scores to the website at all, or you may enter scores but refrain from posting your child’s name, in which case your child will receive a code number instead.

Free Tests...

Whether or not you decide to enroll your homeschooler in the contests at the Academic Leagues, you should definitely take advantage of the free math, science, and social studies sample tests the website provides. Go to to download these.

Only Costs $25...

To register your homeschooler for any of the three separate competitions (math, science, or social studies), there is a one-time fee of $25. This allows your child to participate in three competitions in that subject throughout the school year.

The registration deadline for next school year is officially set for November 1, 2006, and the first contest is officially set for November 8, 2006 (although, to prevent scheduling conflicts from becoming an issue, the contest may actually be taken anytime in November). The second and third contests are officially set for January 10, 2007, and March 14, 2007, but again they both may actually be taken anytime over the span of an entire month. Late registrations are accepted, but your homeschooler will not be able to compete in the first contest if your registration is received after November 30, 2006.

High-quality trophies are awarded to high-scoring individuals, and plaques are given to high-scoring teams! Homeschooling parents who wish to have their children form a team must have four or more students competing in the same grade level and subject; the cost to register is then just $75 per team, and there is no limit to the number of students who may participate on that team. Team members not only compete as a team, but automatically compete as individuals as well.

For more information, or to register, visit Academic Leagues Website. Questions may also be emailed to

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