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A Family Pass to Educational Television!

Let’s face it, homeschooling is a full time job and parents need all the help they can get. Homeschooling moms are always looking for different tools that will keep their homeschoolers entertained and help them keep their sanity too! However, it seems that no matter how many top of the line educational toys we buy, children always seem to want to do one thing…watch TV!

    How to be Engaging. Inspiring. Igniting...

Unfortunately, monitoring any child’s television viewing is a full-time job, and trying to get good quality educational videos at the library – what a joke! It took us about a month to go thru all the good ones that were age appropriate for my kids, that were made after 1970 that is ! Not to mention that our world revolved around what time the next discovery channel special was coming on, even though most of them were not age appropriate for the kids. I ordered the extended cable package with visions of teaching the youngest how to spell his name while my nine-year-old learned about beetles on the discovery channel in the living room... a dream that was quickly shattered by commercials, boring shows, and huge cable bills!

    Here’s the point…

It’s possible to have Discovery Channel quality documentaries without having to buy the extended cable package that gets more expensive everyday. The big thing these days is being able to receive your rentals through the mail with companies like Netflix and even Blockbuster. Well guess what - there’s also a service that provides the same convenience as Netflix, but is 100% family friendly and only carries movies that are PG-13 or below. They have a wide selection of educational films perfect for us homeschoolers, along with new releases and popular television shows that are family friendly as well.

    Why to buy…

Look at this as curriculum for your kids! They offer everything from films on how to learn Italian to documentaries on manatees, SAT Prep, technology, the latest discovery channel specials, and more. There are educational films for every age group even adult and continuing education. The Family Pass website is easy enough to browse that you could actually send your kids to pick out their own curriculum. There is a filter built into the site that sorts videos by grade-level!

A word of warning…When buying a package be realistic about your needs because they do not give refunds on unused time if you cancel before your subscription is up. So take a little time and scan their site to check out their selection, before you choose a package.

Family Pass is not only educational, convenient, and fun; it’s my ticket to teaching two children at once. I get dinner cooked while my homeschoolers learn how many miles a mature tiger shark’s territory is or if lighting can come out of the ground as well as out of the sky. Make your TV the educational tool it’s meant to be today by signing your family up for the Family Pass to Education!

Happy Homeschooling,
SaraSara Beery

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